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Our Boats - Brigantia


Modern and high spec

  • The company's primary vessel; a good all-purpose boat for daily ferry work and evening parties.
  • Disabled Lift


  • 40 capacity for private charters
  • Nice big foredeck space  
  • Soft seats
  • Bar
  • Full head height.
  • Flushing toilet
  • Hot water
  • Full mains power
  • PA
  • Music system - MP3 and iPod connection
  • Heating
  • Disabled access lift

Boat Spec:


  • Lifting wheelhouse. So she is able to pass beneath Prince Street Bridge, yet provides the skipper with a great vantage point from which to helm her.
  • Licensed to Avonmouth Pier Head, and so is generally our Avon Gorge vessel of choice.
  • 16.96 tonnes
  • Kubota V3300 - E engine
  • Like Matilda her drive system is hydraulic which means the engine doesn’t need to be in line with the propeller 


  • Built in Bristol Floating Harbour and launched in 2006.
  • Brigantia is an evolution of one of our other boats Matilda.  
  • She is named after The Celtic Goddess Brigantia a fiery powerful mythical figure who looked after the blacksmiths of the ancient world. Also the ancient Roman Town of Brigantia is the site of the oldest working lighthouse in the world. The light on the tower of Hercules - 1900 years old – still safely guides shipping off the coast of Northern Spain.  The town of Brigantia is today better known as La Corunna.

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